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Buyer Agent Services

Sourcing development sites with completed professional due diligence, financial feasibility for residential projects.

Property Development Consultancy

Offering our Property Development Consultancy service for sophisticated investors with existing property portfolio that have properties with development potential.

Property Circle Team

It is a comunity where our likeminded clients share their knowlange and exchange their experiences while having access to the best development opportunities available.

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Client Consultation
& Strategy

We will discuss your budget and size of the development site you are after by showing you previously completed development projects. We will agree on project type and size to achieve your outcome based on your preferred role in the project.

We will refer you to our preferred team of independent professionals such as mortgage brokers, financial advisors and solicitors to set you up for the project aquisition.


Sourcing Development Site

We will offer  development project for you with full due dilignce and financial feasibility based on your budget and requirements.