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Property Development Consultancy

Apart from doing its own development projects, the Property Buyers Team offers Property Development Consultancy service in property development  for its clients in Greater Sydney NSW, Australia. We select development sites and provide “Full Turn Key” Consultancy service from site acquisition to completion of the project, where we maximize return by reducing the costs and increasing efficiency and sales value by delivering modern and sustainable design for all property development projects.
Property Buyers Team handles it all, including land acquisition, development, council relationships, construction finance, project marketing, sales, and settlement.

During the land acquisition, we will assess project risk, negotiate the best purchase price and conditions. Then with our Property Development Consultancy service we will deliver an outstanding project design and sales value while keeping construction costs on budget to enjoy record-breaking suburb prices!


Property Development is a major project that includes sub-projects and tasks involving different professionals, businesses and government organizations. Property Buyers Team brings a strong team to put your project together to deliver on time and on budget.

We provide Turnkey property development services for our clients where we maximize project return by reducing the costs, time frame and increasing sales value by delivering modern and sustainable design for all property development projects.


Our experienced team members looking after land acquisition, development documentation and council relationships, construction and construction finance, project marketing, sales, and settlement. Land acquisition services will assess project risk, negotiate the best purchase price and conditions. Property Development consultancy Services will deliver outstanding project design and sales value while keeping construction cost on budget to enjoy breaking suburb record prices!


Many professionals are involved in the process of due diligence; purchasing, preparation, documentation enlargement of Development Application; applying for building approvals, construction, marketing and settlement. Many of these processes must run simultaneously to avoid project ‘bottlenecks’. Different professionals have expertise only in their own field or industry. a competent project manager understands the ‘bigger picture’ and ensures the entire team works towards the common goal of maximizing returns. This is done by reducing unnecessary costs, reducing time frames and increasing sales.


The success of a project will ultimately depend on the skills and experience of your project management team. A skilled project manager will know how to get the best outcome for the project from every professional.

At Property Buyers Team we identify the development product with the highest return through consultation with a select group of agents and builders, architects, town planners and engineers to name a few. As a result, we deliver the best design in order to maximize project returns. Sometimes less is more. For example, we so often see situations where building 4townhouses is actually better than 7apartments. Another outcome of having a great team is the ability to control build cost without affecting the sales price. Only by engaging the whole team can you achieve such a positive outcome.


At Property Buyers Team we only work with professionals who deliver quality services on time. We keep them accountable. As a professional myself, I have been involved in very large scale development projects such as Darling Harbor upgrade, Barangaroo and North Connex in Sydney and also completed a few small commercial townhouse projects. I know what it takes and how important it is for the budget and program that every member of the team delivers their services on time. In property development, there can be bottlenecks and critical points where just one professional can affect the progress of the whole project. For example, the architect has to provide some minimum basic design before civil engineers can proceed. Then at some stage, the architect cannot proceed with the finalization of the design until the civil engineer completes their part. In this example, poor time management from these professionals can extend DA time by several months. There are many more examples like this at building approval, construction and most importantly at settlement.


Sometimes unexpected environmental factors around the site create surprises that may add to the construction cost. This could be finding a rock in the ground, or the property is in a flood or bushfire-prone area. Or it may be that the builder cannot execute the original design due to physical environmental constraints. In such a situation, we will always advocate for the projet to minimize variation bills.

We do several investigations and professional reports for the construction tender to include more fixed-price items in the building contract to reduce project variation risk. However, negotiating variations with the builder requires industry experience or expertise.
Lucky for you, the Property Buyers Team does precisely that!

Our Buyers Agency  Services include:

  • Sourcing development sites in Greater Sydney NSW, Australia
  • Negotiation of best purchase and conditions
  • Identifying development site restriction and potential
  • Identifying development strategy with maximum ROI
  • Development site due diligence and investigation
  • Providing construction cost appraisal
  • Providing sales appraisal
  • Providing financial feasibility study with total development cost, Gross realization value, and project returns
  • Introducing our team of mortgage broker, financial adviser, solicitor and accountant to prepare for the site aquisition.

Our Property Development Consultancy services include:

  • Consulting on Development approval process with council
  • Assisting with lodgement DA and Liasing with the council
  • Preparing construction tender
  • Overseeing construction process and negotiating variations
  • Consulting on construction completion, Ocupancy Certificate, Subdivision and Title issue.
  • Consulting on marketing campaign and sales
  • Assisting with settlement