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About Us

Property Buyers Team is a Buyers Agency firm with proven track record of many successful property development projects sourced for its clients.  Andrey and his team are ideally placed to source and consult on property development strategy from start to finish for its clients.

With town planning background and experience in Land Surveying with first tier clients like Lend Lease and Mirvac on iconic projects throughout Sydney with the best teams of professionals gives him experience, skills, knowledge to source best development site with highest return.

With a far-reaching understanding of town planning, site due diligence and financial feasibility, property development lending options, negotiation process, development approval, construction approval, construction tender and construction process, traditional and social media project marketing he can be your ‘secret weapon’ to secure and manage your next development in the areas with outstanding capital growth potential in the beach suburbs of the Greater Sydney NSW.

Andrey’s team works with its clients on ‘develop and sell all’ model to grow your capital or to ‘keep some-sell some’ model to grow your real estate portfolio and recycle your investment capital. Major benefit of growing your portfolio through property development is that you get all the stock at wholesale price and not a retail price. Which means you do not pay stamp duty and real estate agent fees and all these savings go towards equity in your portfolio.

Forget about waiting for market to move and start making profit in any market. It is up to you to continuously ‘keep some-sell some’ to build your real estate empire or ‘develop and sell’ and start to invest in more than one project at the time to build your free equity and become investment bank.

You can rely on his team and their industry insights to help you navigate the challenges of sourcing and managing projects and achieve wealth through the property development.

Our Mission

Transform the perception of public that property development is a privilege of the rich. I want to reach to as many mums and dads as I can and let them know that property development is not that exclusive and that by teaming up with right partner for the right project can bring highest returns in real estate. I want to make sure that on the fringes of all Australian capital cities and in its main satellites at every auction there is a mum and dad next to developer in the suit bidding for development site. I want to spread the words that every day Australians can build houses for everyday Australians and for themselves. Together we can build more homes to keep with demand and avoid the housing crisis.